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About Us

At Illustre Media, our vision is to be the catalyst for transformative brand experiences in Charlotte, setting the standard for creative excellence and business empowerment. We envision a community where businesses flourish through innovative branding and strategic consulting, creating a lasting impact on the local entrepreneurial landscape.

Illustre Media, founded by Armani Martin, is dedicated to translating your vision into a visual masterpiece. Born and raised in Charlotte, Armani draws on a rich background in Communications and Business Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Our mission is to guide businesses in Queen City through the intricacies of establishing a strong brand identity and navigating crucial business decisions.

Armani's journey began managing social media for family businesses, sparking a passion for crafting professional and cohesive branding. Illustre Media thrives on translating this passion into impactful visual communication, offering a unique blend of creativity and business acumen.

Our professional journey spans diverse industries, from Culinary Arts to Logistics, enabling us to tailor our expertise to your specific needs. With a focus on branding, digital illustration, creative project management, content visualization, and business consulting, Illustre Media is your trusted partner for holistic business elevation.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Branding & Visual Communication

  • Digital Illustration

  • Creative Project Management 

  • Content Visualization & Execution

  • Brand Refresh and Transformation

  •  Business Consulting across various domains:

    • Accounting

    • Customer Service

    •  Executive Assistant/Office Management

    • Internal/External Recruiting

    • Marketing 

  • Operations

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