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Facebook Updates & Focus for 2023 Updates

Every business in America wiggles enough things around to satisfy customers and to meet business needs. Just as every good scientist must stay updated on industry news, as must every phenomenal marketer. The following are the most recent updates to the Meta app, formerly known as Facebook, that can benefit any influencer, musician or artist, and business owners.

The most recent updates from Facebook were with the intentions to make things more fair for consumers and the violating guideline process by hiring a third-party to conduct more accurate analysis of individual user accounts and ensure that celebrities or widely known influencers are not the only accounts provided lienency during the process.

Primary Focus for Facebook in 2023:

  • Focusing on Artificial Intelligence, amongst every other company, will be utilizing this new technology to integrate content from other people that you may not follow similar to Instagram.

  • Short-Form Video content has taken over all social media websites, and Facebook is no different. They want more reels to be created on Facebook and to be circulated, and they intend to increase usage of reels by adding professional profiles.

  • Professional or Business Profiles that are available via subscriptions. (This is predominantly beneficial for personal branded profiles, and business profiles. If you are consistently creating reels with monetized content.) - keep reading for details on the different profiles

  • Reel Features: 90 second reels, AI creating templates based on facebook memories, Grooves is a new feature that will align your clips to the beat of the background audio.

Facebook had many reports that a lot many business accounts and creator accounts have been locked out and, or deactivated from Artificial Intelligence recognizing or mistaking accounts for violating rules. Creators and Business Owners have reported that they receive little to no attention when attempting to dispute these account violations. Meta has addressed this with their Meta Verified Subscription, similar to the Twitter and Instagram Verified Subscription programs.

Meta Verified Subscription

  • Verfied Account Badge

  • Personal Dedicated Support for the account just in case there are incorrect flagged account violations and spam accounts created impersonating the verified account.

  • You're 'paying to play' and will receive priority on the algorithm for all of your posts, receiving 32% more visibility than with typical ad content - which may be worth it if you're already paying for ads.

Advantage Plus Shop Subscription

  • Ideal for eCommerce shops on Facebook or Business Owners

  • AI will use data to generate ads for your store by creating content and messaging for your target audience to create engagement.

  • Goal: Meta aims to help advertisers increase the performance of app install campaigns. These updates include more creative flexibility with asset pairing and improved stability, 7-day click attribution capabilities to improve performance for campaigns with longer conversion windows, split testing capabilities to identify effective strategies and more granular reporting insights with region and ad-level reporting.

Advantage Plus Creative Subscription

  • This feature may improve reach or visibility but not guaranteed if you're already seeing results.

  • Adds video enhancements feature that is automatically turned on this will enhance visual features such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc.

  • It will add a caption using AI technology but if you have copywriting already placed in the text box for your video it will mix it up, so it is important to disable this feature if your content is receiving engagement from your copywriting.

Security Changes

Facebook wants to increase security for Facebook profiles, by getting rid of the one-time generated code text messages because it is extremely costly for them. Twitter exemplified that they spent $60 Million dollars per year solely on dispersing on-time generate text messages. The new feature will be that a one-time missed call will be used to authenticate your phone number.

  • You will not have to answer the phone - which is a little odd, but it will recognize that this is your device. - currently only available with Facebook Lite

  • If you currently have the one-time code authorization, you will need to change this as it is getting phased out fairly quickly.

Illustre Media is here to keep you updated to on all social media updates so you have one place to get your marketing and public relations tips. Click me for Meta Updates!

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