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House TFI Logo_Italics_4tools.png

T&F Installations, a dynamic new entrant to the scene, approached Illustre Media with a vision that was as vivid as it was distinct. Their initial concept featured a neon-yellow electrical cord enveloping a set of bold red tools, artfully intertwining with the company's initials. Although this concept was captivating, we collectively decided to position it as a secondary logo.

Our primary focus was on a logo that would powerfully encapsulate the essence of their business. The result? A compelling partial house emblem that now stands as the unequivocal face of their brand.

TFI Eletrical Logo_Italics on hoodie_black.png

At Illustre Media, we undertook the task of crafting not only their logo but also bilingual business cards, ensuring a seamless representation of their brand identity across languages. To do something similar like this for your business check out our packages & pricing.

Services Rendered:  Logo Design (Sub logo Included), Business Card Design + Bilingual Design

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