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Website Design & Business Consulting Package

Hidden Talents Events is a company that intends on bringing together the community with artists and vendors out of obscurity and into prosperity through events in the surrounding areas of Charlotte. We were hired to help create cohesive, professional, and consistent branding across all of the social media platforms. Their package includes business consulting, content creation, and marketing materials such as roll-up banner design and flyers.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

The company came to Illustre Media with its LLC and its vision. I worked with them to create three logo options using three words modern, bold, and elegant. The middle option below was the one they decided represented the brand best. They also needed someone knowledgeable with social media and consulting in other areas of business as this is their first business venture.

Website Design

We had the pleasure of designing this beautiful website for our clients. We have advised these clients to select

a Wix Website subscription to get rid of the Wix bar at the top. This website is search engine optimized and the copywritten words are written to satisfy google indexing.


So far, we have brought their vision to life by creating consistent branding across all digital platforms. Their website, Instagram, Facebook page, and Eventbrite profile. I have helped them push reflect on the first event before Illustre Media using the SWOT Analysis to ensure that our first event together is the best it can be.


Topics Discussed during SWOT Analysis Meeting:

  • Soundcheck - Artists need to arrive early for soundcheck and the DJ should be there 2-3 hours before the event.

  • Community Relations/Marketing- This is a community event, so we need to not just market online but locally by printing out event flyers and leaving them around Wingate and the surrounding areas. 

  • What are the requirements for artists? What type of music do you want them performing? 

  • What are the vendor requirements? Do you think they should be at the next event 1-2 hours before the event for set-up? Do you still want to provide tables for vendors? 

  • Location/Venue: Did you like the venue? What would have you changed about the venue to better fit the event? etc.

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