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Brand & Product Visualization

The owner of this brand, Asthetics Beaute Bar, was a recent 2020 esthetician graduate when she approached Illustre Media inquiring about our Brand Kit package for new businesses. We connected with her on the Discovery Call that we do with all customers to know them personally but also to ask about their business, likes and dislikes.

Brand Kit

Illustre Media curated a logo and submarks for the customer's esthetics business that can eventually grow into a skincare line and brick-and-mortar spa.


The brand kit package allows aspiring business owners to have the type of font that will accurately add to the characteristics of the business, and colors that express how you want your customers to feel when they come into contact with your brand.


At the bottom a mood board that provides the feeling and examples of the type of content they will produce in the future whether curating it on their own or working with us.

Illustre Media believes that product and social media mockups are important to have customers' visions come to life. So they are just as excited to work for it in reality, we understand entrepreneurship is hard and your bigger vision helps to fuel you on those days.

Brand & Product Mockups

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